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"We've worked with Gealia Singer from City Sounds for a year now and she is a real find. She is talented, firm, knowledgeable, organized and kind. She is also flexible, punctual and wonderfully creative. We love her and so does our son. I credit her fully for his rapid progress."
B. P.

"The words thank you do not seem like enough to say to all of you at City Sounds. You have made such a profound difference in our lives– giving our son the gift of speech. At a time when we were scared you put us at ease. To think that one year ago he only had 4 words and fast forward to today to hear him speak–the work you do goes forward with him for the rest of his life. From the bottom of our hearts, with love and thanks, we will think of you all forever"
S. M.

"City Sounds is a gift to children and parents of this city. When our daughter started with City Sounds she communicated with less than a dozen signs. Now she is speaking in full sentences. The smarts, compassion, know-how and conviction of Amy Grillo and her team have exceeded our greatest expectations. Not only are they brilliant therapists, advocates and teachers of children, but they also provide insight, support and guidance to parents as we navigate these challenges. Their team approach is admirable, effective, and exactly what it takes to help our children reach their greatest potential. Thank you Amy and City Sounds. You've changed our life in so many ways!"
Stacey M.

Two years and four speech therapists later, I was lucky enough to find Amy Grillo and City Sounds of NY. With a severe-to-profound hearing loss, my daughter has made great strides in both pronunciation and listening skills (something that was never addressed by other therapists). Since working with Amy, she is better able to follow directions, form sentences and even read. Her confidence has improved and she speaks up in class. City Sounds considers the whole child, not just the challenge. All this and my daughter enjoys her sessions and looks forward to Amy's homework.
Happy and relieved mom.

"When my daughter began speech and language therapy with Alyssa of City Sounds of NY in the summer, she hardly spoke and rarely asked questions. In a month’s time, she started having longer discussions with her playmates and everybody in the house. Her increased curiousity showed that she became more confident in acquiring knowledge on her own through the use of words. Her fears associated with her inability to express herself well were greatly diminished after a month of therapy. Alysa's sincerity in wanting to help my daughter and her sensitivity to the stresses of being a parent with a child with language difficulties makes her feel more like a family friend. My daughter is now very verbal and communicative to her peers and teachers, she still has a way to go but at least I know that she has the right support to help her get there. Alyssa is a godsend!"
Satisfied Mom

"City Sounds has done amazing work with our 3 year old son. In the year since he has worked with the team, he’s gone from almost pronouncing single words to speaking in 3-5 word sentences. Without them who knows where our son would be. We cannot thank Amy & City Sounds enough for their dedication in helping all kids with disabilities."
Jacqueline K.

"My daughter & I were lucky enough to cross paths with Amy Grillo & City Sounds in 2004 soon after she’d had her cleft palette repair surgery.

Of course you want your child in the most competent hands & be confident at City Sounds your child will be.

Amy & her hand picked staff are knowledgeable, well trained & experienced, &, eager. Amy is so well versed & has such a profound understanding of the technical & medical aspect of things as well as the ability to sum people & situations up, seemingly, in seconds.

This helps in matching up child & Speech Therapist ensuring that they are compatible & will make a good & productive team which of course is a key element for improvement.

The staff is approachable, reachable, interactive, and appreciative of the ‘homework’ you do at home with your child.

They work with the parents & if your child is seeing another speech therapist (for instance, in public school), City Sounds will work with that therapist to make sure that everyone is on the same page. Their goal is clear & that’s to do the best by your child.

They have seen my daughter through her first surgery & helped her make her speech the best possible that it could be!

At a certain point Amy & her team suspected that my daughter had gone as far as she could go without a second surgery.

They recommended that she meet with her surgeon for an early follow up. He agreed & we scheduled the second surgery. The surgeon did comment on & compliment how surprisingly wonderful her speech was…he could tell she’d had excellent & effective speech therapy!

He mentioned that, sadly, this is not always the case.

Now- post-op-she’s in the highly skilled hands of the City Sounds team.

I have every confidence that they will take her through this time & bring her to the next-& hopefully final-level!

My family & I will be forever grateful that we were lucky enough to have been put on a path that intersected with City Sounds!

I honestly cannot imagine a better place…"
Sarah K.

"City Sounds of NY has been a wonderful learning experience for my 3 year old son, Luke. Luke has made great progress and is super excited to see his therapist, Jana--and an even bigger bonus is that he talks about her all week long. Jana has a great rapport with kids, and she really knows how to interact an active, restless toddler like Luke. He truly is thriving in this environment."



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